BCB Business Park offer

A space where you can spread your wings

Building B1 was commissioned in 2012. All of its office space is now fully rented. We are seeing much interest in renting office space in our second building, B2, where first tenants will move in at the end of 2017. After building B2 reaches the expected commercialization level, we will commence construction of the next building (B3).

The BCB Business Park investment project spans an area of approximately 11 hectares. Each of our office buildings has about 9,250 sqm of brand-new class A office space for rent, from 1,900 to 2,550 sqm on each floor.


We are glad to inform you that the design of building B1 received an award of distinction from Paris International Investments Meeting in 2011 in recognition of the high potential of our project, which addresses the needs of the real estate market on the global scale.
Our office buildings in Gdańsk feature:

  • entrance hall with a modern front office and a waiting room for clients and business partners
  • service or catering outlet
  • high-tech system solutions: ventilation and air conditioning, raised floors, closed-circuit television and a fire alarm system
  • structured cabling
  • high-speed lifts
  • underground garage hall with approx. 115 parking spots
  • ground car park with approx. 200 parking spots
  • facilities for people with disabilities: wheelchair ramps, dedicated parking spots and separate restroom facilities

“This enterprise is extremely important not just for the airport, but also for the city itself. It is economic growth and new jobs that let our city grow fast, and thanks to projects such as this one Gdańsk will soon have another business park.”

Comment from Mr. Wiesław Bielawski, deputy mayor of Gdańsk in charge of spatial policy, to Mr. Maciej Dzwonnik, author of article published on 26 April 2017,  on the website of Gazeta Wyborcza:,35612,21694212,rosnie-airport-city-kolejny-biurowiec-przy-porcie-lotniczym.html?disableRedirects=true