BCB Business Park location

An alternative to the congested Gdańsk centre

One thing that speaks in favour of choosing BCB Business Park as the location of your new office is its location. Our office buildings are located close to an airport, which makes them particularly attractive for companies with global operations. Airport has excellent transport links with the rest of Tricity and a well-developed road infrastructure.

Our buildings are close to a PKM metropolitan rail station and to the Tricity Bypass. This ensures easy access without losing time in traffic jams (due to what is known as “inverse traffic volume”). The nearby bus stop makes commute easier for employees who use public transport. For car users, we have prepared a number of parking sports (more than 300 for each building) in ground and overground car parks.



  • 5 mins to Lech Wałęsa Airport
  • 1 min to a bus stop (line 210 to Gdańsk Główny and 110 to Gdańsk Wrzeszcz)
  • 5 mins to PKM station “Airport”


  • 3 mins to access the Tricity Bypass (the main through road of the Tricity metro area, and an access road to the motorway)
  • 20 mins to central Gdańsk (10 km)
  • 25 mins to central Sopot (12 km)
  • 35 mins to central Gdynia (23 km)

“Tenants realize the potential of this location, which is undoubtedly an advantage of the new business district, not just because of the vicinity of the airport but also due to easy access.”

Michał Zaraś, head of development and commercialization, BCB