Bałtyckie Centrum Biznesu Sp. z o.o.

We have operated on the property developer marked since 2008. Construction of the self-contained BCB Business Park office complex  is our flagship project.


Our primary aim is to create an office space that provides an atmosphere promoting effective work, inspiring creativity and fostering dynamic growth. We know the importance of comfort and customization. We act comprehensively but try to think out of the box and disrupt the status quo.

Before and during any investment project we follow and analyse the latest global trends in urban design and urban functional space planning. We then translate them to the Polish context, which involves thinking on many levels, making sure to provide modern and consistent technical, architectural and functional solutions. We choose the most favourable locations. We plan the future service and recreational infrastructure, which makes our project great not only for taking on work-related challenges, but also for leisure.

We comply with the highest quality standards while offering competitive prices. We believe that our values and our manner of operations allow us to provide innovative and professional solutions that address the needs and requirements of clients.

Let us do business together!