BCB Business Park attracts tenants. Another tenant to move in on 1 June


The business centre located near Gdańsk Airport has become quite popular. Building B2 (even though still under construction) has been commercialized in 50%. Building B1 is fully occupied already. Industria Project Sp. z o.o. is moving in to the building in June.

The vicinity of an airport is extremely advantageous, especially for businesses operating internationally. However, tenants realize the potential of this location not just because of the nearby Gdańsk Airport, but also due to the “inverse traffic volumes” on the access roads and the PKM metropolitan rail service that runs along the premises. This provides an excellent alternative to the congested city centre.

“Thanks to the close proximity of the PKM urban rail station and the Tricity Bypass the site is easily accessible. There is also a bus bay right next to the building, which makes commuting even more comfortable,” says Michał Zaraś, head of commercialization, BCB.

The complex offers an above-standard number of ground and underground parking spots (more than 300 for each office building), flexible business solutions, spacious and fully fitted-out kitchens in the common areas, conference and training spaces, and a canteen. It is also fully adapted to the needs of people with disabilities and cyclist-friendly (with shower facilities, lockers and parking spots).

Another advantage of this investment project is its aesthetic quality, with extensive green areas and unique building architecture (the design received an award of distinction in 2011 from Paris International Investments Meeting as a high-potential project addressing the needs of the contemporary real estate market on the global level).

The BCB business centre has mainly attracted IT, construction and ship design companies, as well as businesses from the offshore industry. In June, architectural and construction firm Industria Baltic Group will locate about 50 employees on an area of 325 sqm.