BCB brings people together!


Success is fostered by good atmosphere at work and good relations between employees, and these can be improved with special events. On Friday, 9 June 2017, BCB Business Park owners held a picnic to bring together employees from many companies.

The team-building event, held on a sunny Friday forenoon in June, attracted some 350 people: BCB tenants and employees. The event programme featured active leisure and brought back nice memories. The theme of the picnic was “XXL Childhood”. Every adult needs to unwind and have a little fun sometimes, so guests had an opportunity to play giant jackstraws and a word guessing game, or get some physical activity and try their hands at tug-of-war or rope jumping. They could also make their own candy floss to rediscover the taste of childhood joy. There were many opportunities to take photos together (and people willing to be in them), and some companies set themselves apart with original costumes of their own design. Guests participated in fun and games in the spirit of fair play, and the most active ones had a chance of winning interesting prizes (such as a Polaroid camera that stirred up childhood memories). The calories burnt during the event could be replenished at food trucks offering a variety of foods.

The star of the evening was Piotr Bałtroczyk, who magnetized the audience with his act. His stand-up stories and unique rapport with the audience brought in good vibes that put everyone in great mood.

Events like that one are a great example of “Airport City” as a new office district. “Community building is extremely important to us. We want tenants and employees to feel good at BCB, and this can be fostered not just by team-building within companies, but also between them. We are glad to see that our complex has attracted dynamically fast-growing companies with positive people who are open to the world and to others,” – says Agnieszka Maciejczyk, President of the Management Board, BCB.

The first building has been fully commercialized, while the second one still awaits more tenants. Eventually, the project will comprise 6 office buildings. BSB owners hope that the project in Gdańsk Rębiechów will become a place with unique atmosphere.